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 The Evolution of
 Our Miracle 

And the Future of Wellness
 The Evolution of Our Miracle 
And the Future of Wellness
The Idea
 "We started with the idea and belief that we can do anything." 
This time in history will become known as the
Time of Quantum Everything

In the era of Quantum Computers, every system worldwide has undergone a transformative shift. The remarkable capabilities of quantum technology have reshaped industries, leaving no room for stagnation.

We envision a world where “Healing with Frequencies” is a validated approach to health and well being. We are dedicated to bring these benefits to every nation on the planet, while creating Leaders to carry this message into every system.

We are motivated to help humanity unlock the secrets of how to live and thrive, enabling the release of past traumas, alleviation of pain, and fostering joyful, healthy living in abundance in all ways.

Join us as we embrace the quantum revolution and unlock the extraordinary possibilities that lie within each of us.
Together, let's redefine what it means to thrive.

"When you know what is possible...
It's impossible to let it go."

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 Our Leadership
Cynthia "Carden," the visionary founder, shared a remarkable story of healing made possible through Dr. Alfredo's groundbreaking QHS technology.

Inspired by the potential of "healing with frequency," a dedicated group of individuals rallied behind the QHS Team. This marked the inception of our platform, leading to the formation of Quantum Healing Systems® and the esteemed "Divine Scripture®."

At the heart of Quantum Healing Systems® lies our unparalleled technology, the only "Healing Bed" with 3D holographic integration capabilities. Driven by Dr. Alfredo's research and the unwavering belief that together, with the support of our Members, anything is achievable.

We had faith that countless others shared this belief, ready to join us in creating transformative changes that will shape a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come. Together, let us bring hope and usher in a world where healing and harmony prevail.
More and more support arrives everyday!
 The Path Forward 

Because of the integrity of the Carden Group and of each of our Members, the reach of our group was wide. In the four years that the Carden Group journeyed together, we developed a Member based nonprofit Humanitarian Project.

The “IDEA” for QHS spontaneously sparked during a conversation between Cynthia and Dr. Alfredo in which he emphatically stated, “We have to get this technology out to the world now!”

His profound statements anchored and echoed, reverberating and reflecting the desperate state of this world. “We have to! We can’t wait! This must happen now!”

Why must it happen now? Because of the desperate times facing us all. With CV19 and all the subsequent toxic harm brought to billions all over the world, the time had to be now. Right Now.

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 The Team Was Born 

Dr. Alfredo possessed the knowledge to correct the many challenges affecting humanity.

Cynthia had the ability, and know-how to manage this new project creation. Her talent to bring groups together for a common goal and the drive and experience to lead them was the second piece of the equation to move into place.

The third and final piece came with this awesome and talented Admin Team, adding many handpicked Members as Volunteers, drawn to fulfill this purposeful moment of creation of health and healing.

A Quantum Gift of Health and Wellness

Every cell has a unique frequency. It’s been validated, plotted, proven on every possible platform, from one person to the next. Every organ, every one of the body’s “Systems,” has a unique frequency. Everyone has a “Unique Signature Frequency.” Every human body, and every race of People, in every country; every living person puts out a Unique Signature Frequency.

The Quantum Field recognizes and balances any Signature Frequency that is imbalanced or weak.

This is the Quantum Healing System created by Dr. Alfredo, supported by the dedicated Admin Team, Volunteers, and the hopes of every Member that must be shared with everyone everywhere.

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The Launch
Our Inventors and Teams Launch Groundbreaking QHS Technology
QHS is the New Paradigm for Healing
Throughout 2023 Quantum Twine Wave Effect has evolved with thousands of Members and validations for the QTWave device. The initial Quantum Twine Wave Effect healing One and all. Additional technologies will be brought to Members for the Next Evolution of QHS soon.
 Membership Levels 

Early Adopters were the very first Wave of Members who joined right at the start of our launch. They supported Quantum  Healing Systems and were ready to jump into the trial study to validate the effects of the Quantum Twine Wave®. 

Flagship Supporters were the Second Wave of Members who also committed to sharing their results with us for the benefit of analyzing the Quantum Twine Wave Effect®. 

Both Early Adopters and Flagship Supporters have received the Quantum Twine Wave Effect® through the QTWave device. Both First and Second Wave Members happily participate in the surveys and are encouraged to participate in the polls. Both are also included in the Quantum Twine Wave QArc Study – originally called the Healing Bed.

Front Runners are the present and Third Wave of Members. We look forward to educating them about the history and direction Quantum Healing Systems®  continues to journey.

Our Members are ahead of the rest of the world because of using our healing technologies that are not found on any shelf in the world. This is a Proof of Concept Trial and Members are the beneficiaries. Both Early Adopters and Flagship Supporters are also the test subjects that are validating and sharing their results with the world. This is a validation by boots on the ground. It is not a medical trial with no medical involvement other than by the MD Inventors.

First Wave Members are the first to step into the New QHS Dimension as owners of a new reality with Frequency Devices: the QTWave, the QHR, and so much more coming fast. The Home Healing System is now shipping. Your Annual Subscription Fee brings private access to the Private Member Website, AND the QHS Mobile application for iPhones and Androids, with plans for exciting future advancements, communicating the benefits of Frequency in Everything!

First Wave members will participate in Proof-of-Concept Trial Studies, By Invitation. This is a new direction for QHS Projects, a direction of commitment and required authenticity and priority. This is a direction of absolute unquestionable results. First Wave members have access QHS Mobile app, access to Classes and Live Zoom Meetings, an opportunity to participate in the QHS Replicator Project, “QHR” happening now, and the QArc, the QHS “Healing Bed” Project will be included once it becomes viable.

Next Wave Members join thousands in support of the QHS Project for a minimal annual subscription fee, which brings a full-year of access to the Private Member Website, AND the QHS Mobile application for iPhones and Androids. QHS Membership includes Live Zoom Meetings with Weekly Volunteer Calls, Weekly Q&A Calls, twice Weekly Vibe Tribe Calls, Weekly International Twine Calls, Weekly Waves of Wellness Calls, access to Member Only Blogs, and Member Spotlight Testimonials.

Next Wave Member get into the queue to donate to receive a QTWave Device, to be the first to see QHS Replicators actually work, and to participate in a trial study for the QTW-HHS - Home Healing System. Be the first to witness the evolution of the Miracle of Frequency Healing Devices/Systems and take a LEADERSHIP ROLE in the rollout of this Systemic Shift all around the world!

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The Results
Members are raving about how QHS is changing their life!
 The QHS Technology is having a real impact!  

QHS is bringing health and healing to Private Group Members with all things in balance. Members support this Humanitarian Project through donations and sharing their experience healing with frequencies. Members benefit with access to technology not found anywhere on this planet.

"My heart was pounding for three days and skipping beats, so I put my QTWave in my breast pocket. The pounding stopped, my stress reduced, and I feel amazing."
"Every day I see such a positive change in my husband who has stage 4 bone cancer. He is getting his strength back in his legs. Thank you Qtwave. Also, his hair is coming back. He has been bald since his early 30's. We chuckle as I rub his head to check his new hair."
Join the Front of the Pack
This latest group allotment invited to join this nonprofit association, Divine Scripture® , is the "First Wave.” Named First Wave because our Members are ahead of the rest of the world, able to validate and try out technologies not found on any shelf. Each is a Proof of Concept study and Members are the beneficiaries.

Members are also the test subjects that are sharing results with the world. This is a validation by boots on the ground. Not a medical trial and no medical involvement, other than the inventors!

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 The Proof is Powerful 
  • Members share their experience healing verbally through video and audio recordings and written Quantum Diary recordings
  • There is no “double-blind” protocol
  • Everyone that has the Quantum Twine Wave Effect® has the ability to benefit and share their results
  • We are launching a legacy project with Member’s validated results.
  • Members are raving about how the Quantum Twine Wave Effect® is improving their lives!
In the Flow
This humanitarian project has masterfully flowed from one moment to the next since starting in February 2022. We’ve handily jumped every hurdle (and there have been a few), with the perfect solution always showing up.  Members are making everything happen with Grace and Ease.
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Thank you for showing up,
here and now.